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Advanced Seafood Industries Co.,Ltd (A.S.I)


Company Name : Advanced Seafood Industries Co.,Ltd (A.S.I)
Representative    : Mr. Chia Wing Huat
Position                  : Chief Executive Officer
Address                 : No.127, Thanchatwun U Myu Rd, Dagon Seikan Industrial Zone, Yangon, Myanmar.
Email                            :
Telephone              : 095012830, 09960066866
Mobile                   : 095012830, 09960066866
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: 09960066866


Company Profile and Business Scope

Advanced seafood Industries Company limited is one of the leading seafood exporters in Myanmar. We have been operating in Myanmar since 1999. We specialize in frozen seafood as well as cold storage and are involved in various other fields such as Soft shell crab aquaculture, Palm oil plantation, Bird nest, and manufacturing of insulation fish boxes and mattresses.


  • Frozen Seafood (Cold Storage)
  • Soft Shell Aquaculture
  • Palm Oil Plantation
  • Manufacturing Insulation Fish box
  • Manufacturing Mattress
  • Bird nest Business