Corporate Details

Apollo Tower Myanmar Limited

Apollo Tower Myanmar Limited

Company Name : Apollo Tower Myanmar Limited
Representative    : David Lim Goldstein
Position                  : CEO
Address                 : Lotte Apartment
Email                            :
Telephone              : 09957088888

Company Profile and Business Scope


Apollo Towers Myanmar Limited

Apollo Towers Myanmar Limited (“Apollo”) is a leading independent telecom tower company, owning and operating a growing portfolio of integrated tower and power sites. Together with Pan Asia’s tower business, whom we are associated with, we manage a network of over 3,200 tower and power sites.

Apollo offers construction, leasing and management of tower and power solutions to all telecommunications service providers in Myanmar.

Our strategy of tenancy sharing enables Apollo to offer exceptional value to Operators and allows us to contribute to a sustainable telecom infrastructure network across Myanmar.

Based in Yangon and with offices in Mandalay, Apollo has established a strong country presence and our world class services has given us a leading reputation for tower construction and management